Greetings and Welcome to Steppingstone School!

With a primary focus on the development and well being of each student and the goal of helping each child realize and embrace their gifts, Steppingstone enters their 36th year with continued enthusiasm and passion. 

As the president of the Steppingstone School Board of Trustees and a parent of a Steppingstone alumnus, I can personally attest to the excellence of this school. I know that finding the right school for your gifted child can be a very stressful and time consuming endeavor. Many of my fellow board members were parents first, searching as you are, for a school that would not only provide a challenging educational experience, but a welcoming environment for our gifted children. We found that fit at Steppingstone School. We believe you will also find that Steppingstone is unique in its ability to nurture and support your gifted child. 

For my son, and many other students, their experiences at Steppingstone were life changing. Steppingstone’s small class size offers each student the personal attention most other large schools cannot offer. Through a well-balanced challenging curriculum each student is allowed to progress at their own speed and design projects around their interests. Offering unique opportunities for self development and team building, each student comes to realize that their uniqueness is a gift of which they can be proud. 

Steppingstone’s mission of developing well-balanced individuals goes beyond teaching within the walls of the school. From annually participating in Rouge River water quality testing, to hosting local symphony concerts and sponsoring outreach programs on giftedness, Steppingstone is not only a neighborhood school, but a gifted education resource. 

The Board is dedicated to supporting the vision and mission of developing young gifted minds into the wonderful, confident young people they are. During my relationship with the school, I have witnessed numerous children transform from a self-conscious child into a confident and happy individual. 

Steppingstone is a private nonprofit institution that relies not only on tuition to support its mission, but on community support through our Annual Giving Campaign, capital campaigns and other fundraising activities. You will find information in this section about how to help Steppingstone continue to serve the gifted community for another 36 years. 

Thank you for your support,

Bill Wisniewski
Board President Steppingstone School