The Steppingstone School Mission

Steppingstone is dedicated to providing a superior learning environment for the uniquely gifted child—academically, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


We believe every child deserves a satisfying and challenging learning experience. Our purpose is to provide this experience for gifted children by unlocking the gifts that are trapped by the limitations of a traditional educational structure. We provide gifted children with the opportunity to discover their passions; set purpose and goals in pursuit of those passions; develop the personal, academic, and intellectual skills that will allow them to keep options open; realize the successful achievement of their goals; and do this with integrity and consideration for society and the world.


Steppingstone is an organization built to last and built to meet the diverse needs of gifted children, specifically:
  1. Steppingstone is a center for gifted education where gifted children receive an outstanding education that addresses both their intellect and their humanity.
  2. Steppingstone attracts and retains the best teachers for its students and the best support staff for its teachers and parents.
  3. Steppingstone provides educational resources and a personal support system for parents and families of gifted children.
  4. Steppingstone is led by enlightened, generous, and wise trustees who embody the mission and vision of Steppingstone’s founders.
  5. Steppingstone is a pillar of the educational community locally, nationally, and internationally because of the insight and knowledge it brings to gifted education.
  6. Steppingstone is an internationally recognized resource for gifted education, where daily interactions and research with national and international education institutions are woven into the fabric of its operations.


Steppingstone School for Gifted Education
30250 Grand River
Farmington Hills
Michigan 48336
FAX 248-957-8203

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