Download an application here. Completed applications should be submitted with the Application Fee and the results of a Wechsler IQ Evaluation, individually administered by a qualified psychologist. The report should include sub-test scores as well as the examiner’s professional evaluation. Applications should be mailed to:

Steppingstone School apply
30250 Grand River
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336
At the same time, an appointment will be made for a Parent Intro and Tour.
Before acceptance the following items must be completed:
  • IQ Evaluation
  • Application
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Student All Day Visit
Appropriateness of the environment for the student is based on parent, student, and staff input as well as the IQ evaluation. While a full-scale IQ score of 130+ usually establishes eligibility, lower overall IQ scores accompanied by combinations of sub-test scores indicating high potential may also determine eligibility.

Once eligibility is determined, enrollment will be reserved upon receipt of the Tuition Deposit and Enrollment Agreement. Tuition payments are due according to the schedule. Tuition must be paid in-full prior to attendance.