Day School Parent

“After having exhaustively researched area schools for a strong curriculum with lots of basics plus foreign languages, art, music, and more that are taught to the individual child’s needs (definitely not ‘to the test’!), Steppingstone is the best, hands down. [It is a] small, safe environment where teachers know all the kids; [there is] a climate of mutual respect and understanding, and a very good tuition value, given all the attention and several after school programs that are fantastic. Haven’t found the ‘perfect’ school, but this one gets A’s in all the areas important to us. …[T]hey do a great job with physical education and recess with the kids going outside a lot and the use of area facilities for activities like ice skating, swim lessons, etc. (all covered by tuition). The teachers are well-trained, communicative, and team-oriented. They graduate really good kids that are good workers, nice people and ready for high school honors classes.”

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