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Developed over 25 years, our curriculum provides integrated in-depth studies and enrichment as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills. Supplementing the basic curriculum, our school also offers fine arts, foreign languages, discovery science, computer education, and physical fitness.

The Whole Child Concept

In addition to cognitive and academic needs, gifted children have social and emotional needs that are often overlooked. We squarely address this issue by recognizing that each student is a unique individual. Our teachers combine compassion and understanding with the best instructional techniques, technology, and practices. They take into account all aspects of giftedness to help each child reach his or her potential.

As a result of their effort, our teaching team provides a creative, highly interactive, cooperative, and individualized environment.

For our teachers and staff, teaching gifted children is more than just a profession. It is a calling in which they firmly believe. Our teachers feel they can profoundly and positively impact gifted students, their families, and the world. It is estimated that two to five percent of the population is gifted, crossing all ethnic, racial, and gender lines. Sadly, because of myths and misconceptions, too many educational institutions fail to identify and to develop these children.


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