Day School Testimonials

  • Day School Parent - “Excellent opportunities for gifted students to work to their full potential and create strong peer relationships with children of similar intellect. [It provides a] caring, supportive staff and administration with a cozy, family atmosphere. [The] unique curriculum features: foreign language, computer programming, hands-on science, and variety of P.E. activities, which include: swimming, ice skating, and […]
  • Day School Alum Parent - “Steppingstone School is an outstanding school for gifted children. Sending my son to Steppingstone was one of the best decisions that I have made. He attended for 8 years and is now a very successful high school student. Steppingstone has outstanding teachers and flexible program that allows your child to progress academically at a pace […]
  • Day School Parent - “I love this school so much. I have never been so sad to see a school year end. Looking forward to next year. (I am)…one very grateful parent.”
  • Michelle, a day school parent - “My son is currently enrolled at Steppingstone. I believe it to be one of the best schools in the area. They [allow] the children learn at their own pace. For example: My son is in kindergarten, but is in first grade math, spelling, and reading. They really work one-on-one with the students, and even let […]
  • Day School Alum Parent - “Don’t forget that it was Steppingstone that showed him it was OK to be Jack. Thanks for all that you and everyone else at Steppingstone did for Jack.”
  • Day School Parent - “After having exhaustively researched area schools for a strong curriculum with lots of basics plus foreign languages, art, music, and more that are taught to the individual child’s needs (definitely not ‘to the test’!), Steppingstone is the best, hands down. [It is a] small, safe environment where teachers know all the kids; [there is] a […]
  • Day School Alum Parent - “Just wanted to let you know that Dan was inducted into the Cum Laude Society today. We are very proud of him. I also wanted to thank you and everyone at Steppingstone for helping to make this possible. We are so grateful that Dan had the opportunity to attend Steppingstone. Please know that the work […]
  • Day School Parent - “I am so happy that my son’s classmates and the staff loved the authentic Indian ethnic birthday luncheon, and needless to say, he was on “Cloud Nine”; this was, no doubt, one of his best birthdays. In addition, we need to thank you for allowing us this opportunity. We could not have done this in […]
  • Day School Alum - “As a current college student, I am able to look back and appreciate all that Steppingstone did for me. To this day, I attribute my time-management skills and strong work ethic to this school. Steppingstone truly teaches students how to think, instead of creating a learning environment that is standardized to each child. This allows […]

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