We would greatly appreciate your support with gifts of the following items:

Wolfe Educational Microscope with mechanical stage (2 wanted)  Price:  $305.00 plus shipping each

The Life Cycle of Butterflies STC Kit (3rd Edition)  Price:  $604.95

Rocks and Minerals STC Kit (3rd Edition)  Price:  $1,444.95

Plant Growth and Development STC Kit (3rd Edition)  Price:  $944.95

Scales with AC Adaptors (3 needed)   (products  #702215 and #702203) Price:  $130 each plus shipping

2 sets of heavy-wear dodgeballs Price: $125/set of six

Basketball Price: $12


Dodgeballs, basketball, and tetherball donated by Roda McAuliffe

Kickball Price: $12

Badminton racquets Price: $15 each

Donated by Valerie Ames

3 ball bags Price: $50 each

Paper grocery bags for the recycled paper

3 ukeleles Price: about $30 each

Ukeleles donated by Fran Eldis

Tarzan, 7 copies Price: $6 each

Donated by the Gilson family

Diving Brick: $50