Field Day and Welcome Back Potluck

The Welcome Back Potluck provides an important opportunity to develop closer relationships with classmates, parents, and school staff. It follows our Field Day that includes field events, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. This potluck is especially important for meeting new parents and students and is an important social event. Alumni are always welcome to attend this event (as well as the Year-End Potluck), and we urge all families to attend since these are valuable opportunities for getting to know each other.

The Social Studies Expo

An integrated unit of study that involves literature research skills, human resource searches, formal report writing, artistic design, visual display skills, oral presentation skills, and long-term planning and time-management. Students select a topic of interest in history, geography, or civics. In November, students display their completed written research report, hands-on project, and topic display board. They also give a 5 to 7-minute oral presentation to an audience of adults and peers. Expectations are differentiated according to ability. For instance, the research report for a non-writer might be a few dictated facts written on elementary rule paper by a parent and then traced by the student. The evening event encourages families to come in ethnic clothing and to share ethnic snacks.

The Science Fair

The Science Fair allows students the opportunity to use the scientific method to answer a question they have about the world. Students first design a research question and method to test it. Then, they conduct their experiments at home and put together a presentation board, 3-D visual representation, and speech.

Fine Arts Fair

The Fine Arts Fair showcases the students’ visual art portfolios and is a collaborative and musically-based performance opportunity. It draws together all that they have learned in individual skill areas as well as the opportunity to integrate those skills.


Winterfest is typically a performance event that is structured around a variety show. All students participate with their classmates for some portions of the program. Other individual participation is voluntary, and these students should initiate practice, a proposed entry piece at home, experience an audition and selection process, and rehearse at school. Variety Show Proposal forms are sent home sometime after Halloween in the student's planner.

Community Service Project: Rouge River Water Quality Testing

The Rouge River testing involves hands-on, on-site measurement of water quality by students and the entering of our data into a collective database. We are one of many schools throughout the state of Michigan that participates in this volunteer environmental protection project. It is our primary community service.

Recreational Sports Field Trips

Steppingstone, as part of developing the physical fitness component of the whole child, has a number of physical education field trips each year. Field trips include bowling, ice skating, skiing (on years where the weather cooperates), and a variety of other sports, depending on schedule and availability.

Wilderness Survival, PHS Class Field Trip

Each June, the PHS class (our oldest students) head out for a week of camping at a cabin owned by an alum family. During the camping session each student takes turns at taking care of the various tasks, including setting up their tents, maintaining the fire, preparing and cooking food, washing the dishes, and gathering firewood. They also present different camp-related workshops to each other, which they research before the trip.

Potluck, Graduation, & Awards

The Year-end Potluck is followed by Special Recognitions and Awards Ceremony and Graduation of our 8th grade students. This last day of school is especially important for providing positive closure to the school year. The Special Recognitions and Awards and Graduation at the end of the evening give us time to acknowledge all the positive accomplishments of the students and parents as well as those of the faculty. Each staff member makes every attempt to attend this event, and it is hoped that parents will make this a priority as well. Greater details become available as the event approaches and/or upon request.