The Social Studies Expo

An integrated unit of study that involves literature research skills, human resource searches, formal report writing, artistic design, visual display skills, oral presentation skills, and long-term planning and time-management. Students select a topic of interest in history, geography, or civics. In November, students display their completed written research report, hands-on project, and topic display board. They also give a 5 to 7-minute oral presentation to an audience of adults and peers. Expectations are differentiated according to ability. For instance, the research report for a non-writer might be a few dictated facts written on elementary rule paper by a parent and then traced by the student. The evening event encourages families to come in ethnic clothing and to share ethnic snacks.

The Science Fair

The Science Fair allows students the opportunity to use the scientific method to answer a question they have about the world. Students first design a research question and method to test it. Then, they conduct their experiments at home and put together a presentation board, 3-D visual representation, and speech.