Summer Camps 2017

Steppingstone Summer Day Camps are open to the public.

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Your child’s brain benefits from stimulation all year, not just from September to June. Steppingstone’s Summer Day Camp is ready to fill your child’s need for quality, guided enrichment and fun throughout the summer. Recreation is combined with learning in a relaxed, caring, and safe environment that provides diverse and challenging activities.

Steppingstone’s program is unique because it offers children the opportunity to choose the theme week they wish to attend while those children who enroll for the whole summer are provided with a new and exciting topic every week. The small student to teacher ratio allows for a high degree of individual attention. Children are placed in developmentally appropriate learning groups consisting of 8–12 children per instructor.

Our program was designed by Kiyo A. Morse, Head of Steppingstone School, and is run by a professional staff assisted by caring camp instructors. Summer is just around the corner and registering for Steppingstone’s Summer Camp is the best way to start your great summer experience.


This listing is not yet final; more classes are expected.

Computer Take Apart ($250)

Session I-A: June 19 - 23

Instructor:  Dr. Reef Morse—Graduate of the University of California, Davis, Biophysics Prof. Emeritus of Illinois State University, President of Scientific Software Services, Director of the SMART Ctr for scientific research and Computer Programming Instructor at Steppingstone School, Dr. Morse loves unfolding the secrets of computers with students.

If you want to understand how computers, hard drives, CD’s and printers work, this is the class for you. We have the tools and the know how to take apart almost anything to figure out how it was made and how it works.  Bring your old and unwanted computer equipment, and we will have computers, printers (laser and ink jets), scanners, and other IT paraphernalia to satisfy your desire to learn by disassembling.

Virtual Realities: Comic and 3D Art ($250)

Session I-B: June 19 - 23

Instructor:  Paula Schubatis is a Detroit - based artist, designer, educator, marathon runner, and world traveler. Her educational philosophy is inspired by her travels, her artwork, and a keen interest in math and science. Schubatis received a BFA from The University off Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design in 2013.

Students will learn different ways of constructing alternative realities, including comics, narratives, and 3D installation art. They will also discover various artists and designers creating virtual realities, including surrealist artists, installation artists, computer programmers, and video gamers.

Kiswahili Language and Cooking

Session II-A: Jun 26 - 30

Instructor: Sarah Thomas is a graduate of Grand Valley University who has a passion for international education. She has been teaching mathematics and psychology in Tanzania for the last three years.

Learn the basics of speaking Kiswahili, a key language spoken mainly in the central and eastern parts of Africa. Students will enhance this learning by cooking traditional Tanzanian cuisine and discovering fun regional games.

Creative Arts in African Culture ($250)

Session II-B: Jun 26 - 30

Instructor: Paula Schubatis - see Session I-B bio

This week, we will learn about the roles of art, craft, and performance in African Cultures throughout the world. We will work in found object sculpture, drawing, painting, sound, and performance.

Build Your Own 3D Printer ($525)

Ages 11+ or with the approval of the instructor
Please note your experience on the registration form
Session II-C: Jun 26 - 30

Instructor:  Dr. Morse—See Session I-A bio

You've undoubtedly seen 3D printers around and thought about how cool they are. What would you say if you could build your own? If this thought excites you, then this is the camp for you! All supplies will be provided for this unique opportunity.

Computer-Aided Design for 3D Printing ($250)

Session III-A: July 10 - 14

Instructor:  Dr. Reef Morse—see session I-A bio

Learn to use Steppingstone's 3D printers by designing and printing using Cubify. Learn how to calibrate a printer and how such factors as bed leveling and extrusion temperature affect print quality. This is a great follow-up class for those enrolled in the "Build Your Own 3D Printer" class.

Patterns and Print: Cloth Creation ($250)

Session III-B: July 10 – 14

Instructor:  Paula Schubatis—see session I-B bio

Students will explore the relationships between mathematical sequences and pattern and collaborate with the “Geometrical Tesselations” group, in the context of Islamic arts and tessellations. Students will learn weaving techniques and printmaking, as well as discover how to make their own natural dyes and cloths.

Symmetry in Nature ($250)

Session III-C: July 10 - 14

Instructor: Sarah Thomas - see Session II-A bio

Combining math and natural elements, students will discover all of the symmetry that exists in our world. Crafts, such as kaleidoscopes, will be created. Students will also work with the "Patterns and Print" group to design their own tesselations for printing.

Origami Geometry ($250)

Session IV-A: July 17 - 21

Instructor: Sarah Thomas - see Session II-A bio

Students will explore the mathematical concepts of geometry through the ancient Japanese art of origami. They will learn how to fold papers to create various shapes and designs using angles, symmetry, and transformations to create unique paper creations. This camp is perfect for those interested in both math and art.

Japanese Painting and Prose ($250)

Session IV-B: July 17 - 21

Instructor: Paula Schubatis—see Session I-B bio

Students will experiment with intersections of visual and written language. They will study Japanese watercolor, haiku poetry, and calligraphy. Students will work with a variety of media, including watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and sculpture.

Behind the Scenes ($250)

Session V-A: Jul 24 - 28

Instructor:  Natalie Gaines—A student at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, currently studying Biochemistry. She enjoys taking screen arts classes and prior to college, she studied film techniques and plot line construction. She ran Steppingstone’s 2015 summer camp, "Lights, Camera, Action!"

This summer, learn how to master the magic of movies by creating your own short film.  Students will collaborate to create an original plot, characters, and script.  We will also be learning about basic film technique, green screening, and special effects.  At the end of the week, family and friends will be invited to see the premiere showing - popcorn included!

SPACE in Art ($250)

Session V-B: Jul 24 - 28

Instructor: Paula Schubats—See Session I-B bio

Space, what is it? This week will be all about discovering space in art. Students will explore the intersections of found object sculpture and celestial bodies in relation to movement, sound, color theory, time travel, and radio waves.

Chess for All Levels ($250)

Session V-C: Jul 24 - 28

Instructor: Fred Kung—A United States Chess Federation member and Class A rated player. He has taught chess camps the last five years and is a retired math/science teacher who continues to substitute in the Ann Arbor school system, tutors math, science, and chess, and runs additional chess camps in the SE Michigan area.

While chess is a game, its mastery develops many skills. Planning, memory, creativity and competition are all needed and nurtured in learning to play the game well. Depending on skill level, students will be broken up into different groups to expand their knowledge.

Cooking from Spain and Venezuela ($250)

Session SP-1:
July 24 - 28

Instructor: Dr. Tulio Rondón—born in Venezuela, is currently the cello professor at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. An avid cook of international food, he dedicate his free time to promoting and teaching young people healthy eating with great flavors and fun.

Come and learn how to make wonderful dishes from Spain and Venezuela while exploring the unique cultural and historical origins of each recipe. These two countries maintain a great culinary relationship and heritage that dates back to the 17th century. In this class, you will learn how to cook delicious dishes for your family and also a bit about Spanish and Latin American culture.

Theater and Acting Camp ($500)

Session VI-A and VII-A: Jul 31 - Aug 11

Instructor: Keiko Woods is a current teacher at Steppingstone and a lover of theater.

Come explore the world of theater! Students will perform monologues, work on scripts and play awesome improv games. We'll develop stage presence, build confidence, and learn how to perform in front of an audience. The two-week camp will culminate with a sharing of our work.

Explorations in Ceramics ($250)

Session VI-B: Jul 31 - Aug 4

Instructor: Paula Schubatis—see Session I-B bio

This week, students will learn basic hand-building ceramic techniques. They will explore the basic role and function of these objects in ancient and contemporary cultures, and learn about the chemistry behind the firing process and glazes.

Fencing and Fun Sports ($200)

Ages 8+ or with the approval of the instructor

Session VI-C: Jul 31 - Aug 4

Instructor: Wojciech Radz—Born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland.  He started coaching in 2002 as an assistant coach at Wayne State University.  Currently Mr. Radz is coaching classes at Renaissance H.S. and teaching P.E. classes at North Pointe Academy).  He has a passion for teaching and coaching His philosophy is to introduce students to the sport of fencing where they will be guided to develop their skills on a recreational and competitive level.

Fencing is a fantastic mental and physical sport that teaches competition, respect, and self-discipline in a safe and fun environment. This camp is designed so that participants understand the fundamentals of fencing after one week of practice. When campers take a break from fencing, they will engage in lively and fun team sports such as kickball, capture the flag, tetherball, and basketball.

Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring a water bottle (or 2) and tennis shoes. All fencing equipment is provided.

Spanish Immersion Course ($250)

Session SP-2: July 31 - August 4

Instructor: Dr. Tulio Rondón—born in Venezuela, is currently the cello professor at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. An avid cook of international food, he dedicate his free time to promoting and teaching young people healthy eating with great flavors and fun.

Learn beginning Spanish in a highly engaging class, with music and games. Singing out of tune and a desire to have lots of fun is required.

SMART Center Scientific Research ($350)

Grades 6 - 12 with approval of instructor

Must submit application form on SMART website

Session VII-B: Aug 7 - 11

Instructor:  Dr. Morse—See Session I-A bio

The SMART Center gives middle and high school students an opportunity to perform research the same way professional scientists do. They will learn to sue authentic magnetic resonance instrumentation to study their world. Upon graduating from this class, students can then use the lab for their own research and presentation. Students are mentored by Dr. Reef Morse, a physical biochemist with over 50 scientific publications.

Architecture and Design ($250)

Session VII-C: Aug 7 - 11

Instructor: Paula Schubatis—see Session I-B bio

How do we interact, and produce the things that we use every day? Students will learn about contemporary architecture and design, and learn how to build and design everyday things. Students will work in ceramics, found objects, and drawing.

Growing Seeds ($250)

Session SP-3: August 7 - 11

Instructor: Dr. Tulio Rondón—born in Venezuela, is currently the cello professor at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. An avid cook of international food, he dedicate his free time to promoting and teaching young people healthy eating with great flavors and fun.

Learn how to grow seeds from plants that will later provide you with nutritious food. Indoor and outdoor vegetable gardens.

Game Design ($250)

Session VIII-A: Aug 14 - 18

Instructor: Dr. Morse - see Session I-A bio

Dr. Reef Morse is a retired physical biochemist with interests in science, computer interfacing and control, and robots. In this course, students will begin to learn to use the Unity gaming platform to design and build games in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

Flora and Fauna ($250)

Session VIII-B: Aug 14 - 18

Instructor:  Paula Schubatis—see Session I-B bio

This week, we will study the mathematic and biological connections of nature and art through painting, drawing, and sculpture. We study the work of Renaissance artists such as Leonardo DaVinci, and concepts such as the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci sequences, and other rules of proportion, as well as contemporary artists working in themes of nature.

Drawing and Mapping the Visual World ($250)

Session IX-A: Aug 21 - 25

Instructor: Paula Schubatis—see Session I-B bio

What are the different ways which we study things around us? Students will learn various techniques of mapping and observation. We will explore mapping in three-dimensional space with sculpture and architecture, drafting, and traditional drawing techniques.

Information & Fees - Summer Camps 2016

Steppingstone Summer Day Camps are open to the public.
Camp Hours:
9:00 am to 3:30 pm
Extended Day:
7:45 am to 5:45 pm
(additional fee)
30250 Grand River
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336
6-13 years unless otherwise noted
Varies by camp, please see the individual descriptions
Prepared Lunch Option:

How to Register

To register for STEPPINGSTONE SUMMER DAY CAMPS, mail the registration form with a $50.00, non-refundable deposit per camper, per session.

Click here for a registration form.


Tuition Deposit:
A non-refundable $50.00 per camper, per session, is required with application information to hold a spot . This deposit is applied toward each session’s total fees. The balance is due two (2) weeks PRIOR to the start of the session. Late payments may result in loss of enrollment for your child/ren.
Extended Day: 7:45 am - 5:45 pm
Extended Day Fees apply to each camper each week. Unplanned Extended Day fees are $8.00 per hour per camper. After 5:45 pm late fees are applied at $2.00 per minute per camper.

7:45 am @ $35/wk 4:45 pm @ $35/wk
8:15 am @ $20/wk 5:45 pm @ $70/wk
Lunch Option:
$30.00 per camper per week. All lunches will include a main course (such as pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc.) fruit and/or vegetable, chips, cookie, and bottled water.
A $25.00 per camper, per session discount is available for two (2) or more campers from the same family for the same session OR for a camper enrolling for the entire summer.
Enrollment may be cancelled if a written notice has been received by Steppingstone no less than two weeks prior to the start of the session. After this period, tuition is due in full regardless of your child's attendance.
There will be no refunds of tuition deposits. Campers who attend only part of a session for any reason will not receive a refund for the rest of the session. Once registered, changes in session can be made only if space permits. Tuition and fees (not including tuition deposit) will be refunded if a written cancellation notice has been received no less then two weeks prior to the start of the session. After this period, tuition is due in full regardless of your child's attendance.

If a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, all fees paid for that session will be refunded.

Late Fees:
All extra fees (such as unplanned Extended Day, extra snacks, etc.) are due on the first day of each summer camp session. ALL overdue charges will be assessed a $15.00 per month late payment fee until the account is paid in full. Orientation information will be distributed upon program registration.
Information will be distributed upon program registration.
Steppingstone reserves the right to substitute another instructor with similar skills if a currently scheduled instructor is unable to teach. A course may be cancelled if Steppingstone deems there is insufficient enrollment (see Refunds).