We would greatly appreciate your support with gifts of the following items:

Wolfe Educational Microscope with mechanical stage (2 wanted)  Price:  $305.00 plus shipping each

The Life Cycle of Butterflies STC Kit (3rd Edition)  Price:  $604.95

Illustrated Audubon bird books:  $15-$20 each

Rocks and Minerals STC Kit (3rd Edition)  Price:  $1,444.95

Plant Growth and Development STC Kit (3rd Edition)  Price:  $944.95

Scales with AC Adaptors (3 needed)   (products  #702215 and #702203) Price:  $130 each plus shipping

Magazine Subscriptions (there is a renewal card at the Steppingstone School office): MUSE, Ask and Appleseeds for Early Elementary. Cicada, Cricket, Dig, Odyssey, Highlights and Cobblestones for Upper Elementary.

Cicada, Cricket, Dig, MUSE, Cobblestones and Ask subscriptions donated by Roda McAuliffe, bookkeeper and parent of alums Patrick and Katie McAuliffe

1 Bosu Ball  Price: $130.00

Illustrated Plant identification book:  $20 plus shipping

Donated by Valerie & George Ames

Illustrated book of trees: $35 plus shipping

Donated by John Anway